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Celebrating Exceptional Achievements: 2023 11+ and 13+ Exam Results

With immense joy, we unveil the remarkable outcomes of the 2023 11+ and 13+ exam preparation. Our pupils have exhibited extraordinary dedication, resulting in a splendid collection of offers that truly shines. The diversity of schools from which our pupils have garnered offers is a testament to their multifaceted skills and talents.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the diligent 11+ and 13+ teaching team. Their unwavering commitment and painstaking efforts have played an instrumental role in guiding each family towards discovering the perfect educational journey for their child. This remarkable collaboration underscores our commitment to nurturing every child’s potential and securing a harmonious fit with their chosen path.

11+ Offers 2022/23

Navigating the intricate path of applying to secondary schools can prove challenging and bewildering without the right guidance. With a track record spanning over 25 years, Heathside School Hampstead has been a guiding light for families seeking places and scholarships in some of London and the UK’s most esteemed institutions. Our personalised approach offers one-on-one assistance, providing you and your child with unwavering support throughout this crucial journey.

11+ Examination: A Journey of Preparation and Success

The 11+ examinations, a significant milestone, are customarily undertaken at the conclusion of the Autumn term in Year 6. This phase follows a comprehensive support program orchestrated by Heathside. Our holistic approach involves early morning classes, enriching holiday sessions, and in-depth guidance for parents. This meticulous framework empowers pupils, fostering their readiness for the 11+ exams. Heathside’s distinguished reputation as an instrumental partner in 11+ success and adeptly guiding families towards finding the right educational fit for their child stands as a testament to our commitment.

The 13+ Pathway: Nurturing Growth and Exploration

For children preparing for 13+ exams, Heathside offers a unique journey. Students continue their educational journey at Heathside until the culmination of Year 8. This extension of time empowers them with two additional years to mature, discover their passions, and cultivate interests.

The All-Through Route: Collaborating with Eaton Square Senior

At Heathside, we appreciate the diverse needs of families seeking alternative pathways to secondary education. For those who prefer not to partake in competitive school entrance exams, we offer a preferential route through our esteemed Partnership School, Eaton Square Senior. As a member of the esteemed Dukes Education family, Eaton Square Senior extends Heathside’s legacy from the end of Year 8 through GCSE and A level studies. Students continue to benefit from the nurturing academic challenges and exceptional pastoral care they’ve cherished during their time at Heathside.

At Heathside School Hampstead, we believe in offering diverse pathways to success, tailored to each child’s individual journey. Whether through 11+, 13+, or the collaborative partnership with Eaton Square Senior, our commitment remains steadfast in shaping well-rounded individuals prepared to embrace their future with confidence.