Our staff

Find out how our teachers and staff help instil a lifelong love of learning and confidence in our happy children.

Teachers and Staff

At Heathside School Hampstead, our educators are united by a core belief: that nurturing individuality forms the cornerstone of empathetic and effective education, leading every child to realise their true potential.

Committed to maintaining an environment of personalised attention, we maintain a high staff-to-pupil ratio. Our teaching team is not only highly qualified but also deeply aligned with our values of compassion and growth, a sentiment echoed by our carefully selected teaching assistants.

Within our community, an array of specialist teachers flourishes, specializing in disciplines such as mathematics, English, computing, French, music, physical education, art/design technology, and Latin. This diversity of expertise enriches our curriculum and caters to the multifaceted growth of each pupil.

We go further to ensure every child thrives by offering access to highly-trained staff dedicated to identifying and assisting those with specific learning needs. For those requiring extra support, our team collaborates with specialists like speech therapists, working in tandem to uplift and empower our pupils.

At Heathside School Hampstead, our educators embody our values, creating an environment where individuality is celebrated, potential is nurtured, and every child’s journey to excellence is guided with empathy and expertise.

Senior Leadership Team

Nadia Ward, Headteacher



Nadia trained as a Montessori teacher and is passionate about making sure that every child has strong foundations and develops a love for learning.  Nadia holds a BEd (1st Class Honours) from UCL and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management from The University of Buckingham.

A life-long learner, she is recently completed the National Professional Qualification for Headship in March 2023.  She is married to Jason, a psychotherapist who has a grown-up son.

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  • Zoë Humphrey – Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Donna Simon – Head of Operations
  • Louise Shotton – Assistant Head and SENDCo
  • Imogen Stone – Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning), Head of English
  • Karen Murphy – Head of Early Years

Operational Team

  • Fiona Murdoch – Head of Admissions & Marketing
  • Nic’ola JB-Lewin – HR and Compliance Officer
  • Peter Bell – Facilities Manager
  • Madeleine Scott – Head’s PA/Receptionist
  • Volodymyr Kostyk – Security and Maintenance Operative
  • Andy Mirza – Data Protection

Safeguarding Team

  • Libby Nicholas – Safeguarding governor
  • Zoë Humphrey – Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Scott De Blasio – Deputy DSL
  • Louise Shotton – Deputy DSL

Teaching Staff

  • Anais Lacombe – Class Teacher, Head of MFL
  • Anna Patulska – Class Teacher
  • April Nicole – STEM Teacher
  • Beatriz Barrientos – Class Teacher
  • Belbi Kalia – Class Teacher
  • Carolina Fattori de Toledo – Forest School Leader
  • Cristina Cassina – Latin Teacher
  • Dean Sullivan – Nursery Lead (Swans)
  • Duina Puig – Class Teacher
  • Fabienne Viner-Luzzato – Teaching Support Assistant
  • Fouzia Elanqaoui – Nursery Lead (Cygnets)
  • Freddie Bols – Head of Performing Arts
  • Glaucia Botkai – Nursery Lead (Swans)
  • Gonçalo Rodrigues – Head of Sport
  • Hamid Haidari – Class Teacher
  • Hannah Gibeon – Class Teacher
  • Hollie Thomas – Teaching Support Assistant
  • Imogen Stone – Class Teacher
  • Iwona Myszczynska – Reception Teaching Support Assistant
  • Jelena Bogavac – SEN Specialist
  • Julia McLearon – Art Teacher
  • Karen Murphy – Head of Early Years
  • Laurelle Campbell – Class Teacher
  • Lucy Corroll – Nursery (Cygnets) Teaching Support Assistant
  • Maria Shepelina – Class Teacher
  • Miradije Gecaj – Nursery (Cygnets) Teaching Support Assistant
  • Natasha Neumann – Sports / Teaching Assistant
  • Scott De Blasio – Class Teacher
  • Stefano Russo – Head of Maths
  • Vitoria Machado Mendes Dos Santos – Teaching Support Assistant

SEN Learning Support Team

  • Abdul Samuel
  • Abeer Farsoun
  • Amrita Prashant Bhatia
  • Carine Spira