Early Years Curriculum

Learn more about how we teach our littlest explorers

At Heathside School Hampstead, our Early Years program is a gateway to nurturing young minds, fostering curiosity, and igniting a lifelong love for learning. Guided by a child-centric approach and supported by a team of dedicated educators, our Cygnets and Swans classes embark on a transformative journey that lays the foundation for their academic and personal growth.

Cygnets (2+)

The Cygnets, aged 2 and above, embark on a journey within the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. With a focus on the three prime areas of communication and language, physical development, and personal social and emotional development, Cygnets also embrace the specific areas of literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design. These foundational elements pave the way for lifelong learning and success.

In addition to these areas, the Cygnets experience enriching lessons with specialist teachers in PE, French, Creative Movement, and music, stimulating their holistic growth.

Swans (3+)

Building upon the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, the Swans, aged 3 and above, hone their independence and self-sufficiency skills. They continue their engaging journey with specialist lessons in PE, French, Creative Movement, and Music.

Immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Hampstead Heath, the Swans venture to the Vale of Health play enclosure twice a week, increasing to three times weekly during the last half term of summer. Forest School experiences further nurture their development, fostering a strong connection to nature and holistic growth. This outdoor adventure calls for waterproofs and wellies as they embrace learning throughout the year.

Leaving the Swans to join Reception, children are equipped with essential skills, ready to embark on their school journey. Sharing, friendship, attentive listening, and confident self-expression are integral to their growth.

Experience the joy of learning in Heathside’s Early Years, where growth, curiosity, and nurturing set the foundation for a lifetime of achievement.