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Your Questions about Cygnets & Swans, answered.

Welcome to nursery life at Heathside School Hampstead – a vibrant and nurturing environment designed to spark curiosity and foster growth in our youngest learners. As you embark on this exciting educational journey with us, we understand that you may have questions about the daily routines, requirements, and experiences that await your child. To provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our Nursery classes. From uniforms and equipment to lunch and snacks, we aim to address your inquiries comprehensively. Explore the details below to gain insights into our nurturing environment and supportive community, all aimed at ensuring your child’s smooth transition into Nursery life at Heathside.

What is the age range for the Nursery class?

Children can join the Nursery from the age of 2 and upwards. Children who are between 2-3 yrs old join the Cygnets class, and children who are between 3-4 yrs old join the Swans class.

How does the rolling intake work?

Our rolling intake means children can join the Nursery at any point after their second birthday throughout the school year.

What hours are offered in the Nursery?

The normal Nursery school day is from 8:30am to 3:20pm. Children also have the option to do a half day and leave at lunchtime. Wraparound care is also offered before and after school, so parents can choose for their child to come to Nursery from 8:00am – 6:00pm.

Do you offer wraparound care?

Yes, we offer wraparound care from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Is there a minimum number of sessions?

Yes, all children must do a minimum of four sessions per week. One session equals one morning or afternoon. The four sessions can be a combination of mornings and afternoons.  From September 2024, all children must attend for a minimum of five sessions.

The summer term before joining Reception, we expect all children to be attending full time, for 5 full days. This is to help them become familiar with the routine and structure of school life, and to support their transition into Reception.

Is potty training a requirement for the Nursery?

No, potty training is not mandatory for entry to Cygnets (age 2-3 yrs). We collaborate closely with families to find the right time for each child to make the transition, and potty training is supported by our team of expert Early Years educators.

What if my child needs a nap during the day?

We have a quiet room where children can nap after lunch, accommodating their individual needs.

How can I decide when my child is ready to join the Nursery?

We work with families to determine the best timing for each child’s entry, considering their comfort and developmental readiness.

What activities do the Nursery children engage in during the day?

Cygnets follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with the addition of elements of Montessori pedagogy, focusing on communication, language, physical development, and personal social and emotional development. Specialist lessons in PE, French, Creative Movement, and music are also part of their weekly routine.

How can I inquire about joining the Nursery?

For inquiries about joining the Nursery, please contact us for detailed information and assistance.

What is the school uniform for Nursery?

Children in Nursery to Year 4 wear a school polo shirt, sweatshirt, and jogging bottoms as part of the school uniform. Alternatively, unbranded navy leggings or shorts can be worn. Sturdy and comfortable shoes suitable for outdoor activities are also required. The school coat is also compulsory.

What equipment should my child bring to Nursery?

Children in Nursery should come prepared with a named reusable water bottle and, for the Cygnets class, please also provide nappies, wipes, and bags. Swans may also need a waterproof coat with a loop to hang it, waterproof trousers, wellington boots, spare change of clothes for trips to the Heath.

How is lunch and snacks managed at Heathside?

School lunches are provided by Todmorden Foods and can be ordered via the school payment system. Parents can also choose for their child to bring a packed lunch to school. Children can bring a healthy snack for morning break.

Can children celebrate birthdays at school with treats?

Yes, children can celebrate their birthdays by sharing individually wrapped portions of birthday cake or treats with their classmates. However, treats should not contain nuts.

Explore the enriching Early Years experience at Heathside School Hampstead’s Nursery classes, where nurturing growth and curiosity are at the heart of our educational approach.


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