Pastoral Care

The wellbeing of our pupils is our utmost priority

At Heathside, our commitment extends beyond academics. We believe in nurturing the whole child, and every member of staff plays a pivotal role in ensuring every child thrives in health and happiness throughout their educational journey.

Embracing Pastoral Care

The wellbeing of our pupils is our utmost priority. Heathside’s Pastoral Care is a cornerstone of our ethos. We facilitate the development of meaningful, healthy friendships among our pupils, enabling them to forge strong connections within their class and beyond. Our class teachers take a proactive approach to provide the necessary support, empowering pupils to seize opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

Should any concerns arise regarding a pupil’s wellbeing, our experienced teams step in with dedicated support. By working collaboratively, we ensure that every child’s emotional and social needs are met with sensitivity and care.

Tailored Additional Support

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every child can flourish. Occasionally, additional support is required to help pupils thrive both academically and socially. Our approach focuses on enhancing pupils’ confidence, self-esteem, and learning skills. We aspire to motivate our pupils, instilling within them a lifelong love for learning.

Introducing Mindfulness: The Dots Curriculum

At Heathside, we believe in equipping our pupils with invaluable life skills. Our specialist curriculum, Dots, introduces mindfulness to children aged 3-6. Through Dots, children cultivate the ability to focus, make thoughtful choices, and manage their emotions. This curriculum nurtures skills that contribute to concentration, memory, self-management, and fostering healthy relationships.

We are proud to announce that Heathside School has earned the prestigious Mindfulness in Schools Status from the Mindfulness in Schools Project, solidifying our dedication to mindfulness education.

Place2Be: A Partner in Mental Health

As part of our comprehensive pastoral care, Heathside collaborates with Place2Be, a respected children’s mental health charity with a wealth of experience in UK schools. Our in-school Place2Be counsellor provides vital mental health support to children and their families, reinforcing our commitment to holistic wellbeing.

Discover more about Place2Be’s impactful work: Place2Be Website

At Heathside School Hampstead, our pastoral care exemplifies our core values, fostering a safe, supportive, and empowering environment where every child’s holistic growth is championed.