We are nurturers, inside and out, and proudly non-selective. We meet each child where they are individually at, supporting them to take them wherever they want to go.

So, what goes a general day look like for our children?

We begin our day with our class teachers – it’s a relaxed environment where there are no Mrs, Miss, Mr or Mx, we are all on first name terms with one another and we do not wear restrictive uniform.

Can you hear those pages turning at 9am? Guided reading sessions kick off the day before we get stuck into Maths and English lessons.

We’ve also topped up our morning energy with a delicious healthy mid-morning snack, but come lunch time we are excited to taste some delicious hot lunches.

Our afternoons are then full of humanities, sport and forest school lessons. Read more about our curriculum here.

Where next?

We are proud of our children’s academic achievements at 11+ and 13+, take a look at our most recently leavers’ destinations here.

Our Upcoming Open Mornings 2024

Wednesday 12th June 2024

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