Forest School

The Heath is an extension of our school and one of our most cherished teachers.

Thriving in the natural world

At Heathside, our Forest School programme takes our children on a captivating journey through the wonders of nature.

Each step of the way, we guide our students in exploring the world around them, nurturing their curiosity and fostering a deep connection with the great outdoors.

After all, the Heath is an extension of our school and one of our most cherished teachers.

Extending classroom learning outdoors

As our pupils move into Year 1, they step into a realm where lessons come alive amidst rustling leaves and chirping birds.

Winter brings the opportunity to create festive wreaths with parents, while springtime bird watching unveils the intricate dance between animals and their habitats.

Through hands-on projects like crafting bird feeders and encountering real-life hedgehogs, our young explorers learn valuable lessons about sustainability and the delicate balance of nature.

The power of small acts

In Year 2, our students become eco-warriors, armed with knowledge and a passion for making a difference.

From participating in bird counting campaigns to crafting eco-friendly bird feeders, they take tangible steps towards preserving our precious ecosystems.

As they delve into the fascinating world of insects and their habitats, they discover the power of small gestures in shaping a healthier planet for all.

Cultivating resilience and creativity

Year 3 marks a time of growth and exploration as our pupils venture deeper into the wilderness.

With newfound independence and a thirst for knowledge, they embark on exciting projects like building pre-historic sites (what would they need? shelter? food? water) and constructing shelters fit for adventure.

Through hands-on experiences and self-directed learning, they develop resilience, imagination, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Working together

In Year 4, our pupils take center stage as they embrace the challenges of teamwork and responsibility.

Through collaborative projects and in-depth explorations of ecological concepts, they deepen their understanding of the natural world. Equipped with knowledge and a spirit of stewardship, they begin to navigate the complexities of environmental conservation, paving the way for a brighter, greener future.

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