Upper School Enrichment

As our children move into upper school, we offer a range of activities to continue their development beyond the curriculum.

Leadership Opportunities

Through Years 6, 7 and 8 we offer opportunities for our pupils to develop their leadership skills and self-confidence. From ad-hoc public speaking opportunities to formalised leadership roles such as Head of House, we are able to offer something to suit every pupil.

By virtue of being the oldest pupils in the school our Upper School pupils also act as role models to younger children, embodying the important values of nature, nurture and knowledge


We never put an age limit on play, so our Year 6s, 7s and 8s still enjoy time on the Heath to play, enjoy nature and importantly be children.


Where possible we bring learning to life through trips and make the most of London’s many museums, galleries and exhibits.

Exam Preparation

While our curriculum in Upper School prepares pupils for the 11+ and 13+, we also offer extension booster clubs, preparation classes either side of the holidays and early morning surgeries to support and challenge our pupils.