Heathside School Hampstead Launches Kindness Wall in Celebration of World Kindness Day

Heathside School Hampstead is proud to announce the inauguration of a Kindness Wall on its school playground, dedicated to fostering a culture of compassion and goodwill among its pupils. The fun initiative was launched to mark the global celebration of World Kindness Day on 13 November.

The Kindness Wall, situated prominently in the school playground, encourages children to express their appreciation for their peers, school staff, and their families by jotting down kind words and sentiments on the outdoor blackboard. This initiative is a testament to Healthside’s commitment to promoting kindness as a core value.

Heathside’s ethos places a strong emphasis on kindness, evident in initiatives such as the buddy system, where older children take care of the younger ones, and a mentoring scheme that recognises and celebrates acts of kindness through the ‘Citizen of the Week’ accolade presented every Friday.

One heartwarming tradition at Healthside is the cross-year companionship, where younger children join hands with older children from years 6, 7, and 8 to walk over to the Heath together on a Friday for unstructured time outside together in the fresh air.

Studies have consistently highlighted the positive impact of acts of kindness on wellbeing. Not only does kindness enhance self-esteem, empathy, and compassion, but it also contributes to improved mood and a sense of interconnectedness within the school community.

Nadia Ward, headteacher at Heathside, said: “Kindness is at the core of our educational philosophy. We strive to instil values that go beyond academics and contribute to the holistic development of every child in our care.”

World Kindness Day, celebrated annually, serves as a global reminder of the importance of cultivating kindness in our daily lives. Introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, this international celebration aligns with Healthside’s mission to teach and practise kindness in every aspect of school life.

“We believe that kindness not only enhances the social fabric of our school but also positively impacts academic performance.Fostering kindness contributes to a positive mindset, enhancing children’s attention spans, receptiveness to learning, and improves creative thinking. And let’s not forget that being kind also makes us feel happy and happy children flourish.” Nadia added.

The Kindness Wall launch is part of Healthside’s ongoing efforts to create an environment where students not only excel academically but also develop into compassionate and empathetic individuals. The school remains dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow through initiatives that prioritise the wellbeing and character development of its pupils.

5 Quick Tips for Teaching Children Kindness:

Define Kindness Together:

Have open conversations about what kindness means. Discuss and illustrate examples of kind actions to build a foundation for understanding.

Play the Compliment Game:

Form a circle and pass a ball back and forth, complimenting the next person to receive the ball before it’s thrown.  It fosters positive communication and appreciation.

Lead by Example:

Demonstrate kindness in daily actions. Be a role model for young minds by engaging in acts of kindness, whether big or small.

Family Bonding through Volunteering:

Volunteer or participate in community activities together. Create shared experiences that reinforce the impact of kindness in the broader community.

Kindness Isn’t Always Easy, But It’s Worth It:

Discuss with children that kindness may require effort. Emphasise the positive feelings that come from making compassionate choices, even when your kindness isn’t returned.

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