Heathside Preparatory School

Beyond the Classroom

Clubs and Activities

Heathside has always focused on offering a well-rounded education, encouraging children to try new and unusual things – experience more, and learn more during the process.

Heathside prides itself on the wide range of activities we offer as extra-curricular clubs, and we encourage children to try many different activities to excite their interest and discover their passions,

We run a range of clubs and activities for different age groups including: Art, Athletics, Capoeira, Chess, Choir, Code Club, Dance, Debating, Drama, Fencing, Fitness, Football, Gymnastics, Photography, Prep, Morning, Science, and Warhammer.


Our sport teachers are specialists who coach a range of team sports including football, cricket, rounders, basketball and netball. Heathside teams play frequent matches against other schools. We use a number of different sports facilities in the local area, many within walking distance and others a short coach ride away.

Our physical activity programme includes swimming, cross-country running, gymnastics, athletics, music and movement and capoeira.


Chess at Heathside is truly inclusive. We encourage children of all ages and abilities to take part in order to benefit from the analytical skills and critical thinking involved in chess, and to experience the highs and lows of wins and losses in a supportive and nurturing environment.


From Nursery upwards, all children are encouraged to take part, so that performing in front of an audience becomes a normal part of school life. Our productions cover a wide range of genres including Shakespeare and major classical and modern plays and musicals.


Music is an essential part of Heathside school life, both in the curriculum, starting in Nursery, and in school clubs.

We have instrumental groups for violin and cello, guitar, wind, ocarina, recorder and flute. Heathside also offers individual lessons for all pupils interested in learning to play an instrument, and we have a thriving choir.

The school has frequent concerts and performances scheduled throughout the year, where children share their love of music with the larger Heathside community of families and teachers.

School Council

Part of the leadership and learner voice programme, the Council gives students the opportunity for constructive consultation with the school to make positive change to their school experience. It is an enjoyable role that develops students’ personal, social and academic skills. Elected students come from each tutor group and are actively engaged in regular meetings throughout the year.

Our Ethos

Heathside is a friendly, inclusive and academic school.

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