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Read some testimonials from Heathside parents.

It has been a wonderful experience for our daughter to find Heathside and study here with your help. JB Apr 23
Our daughter has flourished and grown exponentially before our eyes under Heathside’s tutelage, she has adored her years at Heathside, made beautiful life long friends and we are so very grateful for her experience with all that she has achieved and the young person she has become. JF Mar 23
Being at Heathside has been an incredible experience for our daughter. We are really happy to be part of your community and the warm welcome she has had. Your educational standards have been excellent in terms of human values and academic education. NF Feb 23
We’re so excited our son is enjoying his independence! This is what Heathside does for kids! SN Jan 2023
As parents, we were very worried about our children coming to the UK from Japan, a completely different culture, but thanks to the warm-hearted teachers at Heathside, my children have always enjoyed going to school. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will be sure to tell the Japanese families around us about Heathside.
KI Jan 2023
Yesterday’s Christmas concert was a triumph. There is nothing better than a school carol service. It is life affirming. Well done to everyone. KB Dec 2022
My son absolutely raves about his school lunches, pretty much every day! KC Nov 22
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done this term. Our child has flourished and developed so well and we are so grateful for all you do and for all your support and advice. It is truly wonderful to see how each day is shaped with so much activity, creative learning, play and imagination. And all this takes motivated and good teachers. So thank you to you and your team. KS Nov 2022
I just wanted to share with you how happy we are with our son in Year 5 this year and give a shout out to the Year 5 team as there is certainly magic happening there! I am beyond thrilled with his development and academic and school community achievements this half term. We are very grateful and appreciative. JF Oct 22
Thank you for all you are doing for the school and for our family – we are very grateful for all your help getting settled and the kids are certainly feeling well integrated in the warm environment that you have created at the school. CB Oct 22
Our child is having such a great experience at Heathside and we are very appreciative of all your support. MR Sept 22
Our 4 year old joined the school mid year when we relocated to London from abroad. I was rather concerned about him settling in a new country and a new school, so it was very important to me that the new school is nurturing and accommodating. Heathside turned out to be just what we needed. Our son had no issue in settling and couldn’t be happier there. LT June 2022
The staff are very good and the children are very happy, my daughters go the school and I have peace of mind that they are in good hands, as well knowing they are academically encouraging and bring out the best in the children. RS May 2022
We love Heathside. Our children couldn’t be happier. They combine strong academics with lots of outdoor fun, creative arts and support. JL May 2022
Thank you so much for putting on such a lovely concert yesterday. It was so uplifting to have the school community all together, listening to the children’s beautiful little voices and music. We really appreciate all the work that had gone into it. LF Mar 2022
Huge congrats on a wonderful and moving concert yesterday….it was an absolute joy to be there and hear all the children. KC Mar 2022
We couldn’t be happier with the effect Heathside has had on our son over the last six years. The improvement in his confidence and academic performance has been nothing short of remarkable. The nurturing ethos is embodied throughout the school, and my observation is that for my son, it quickly made a noticeable difference on how ‘seen’ and safe he felt and therefore how engaged and eager to learn he was, both academically and socially. My son is flourishing. He could not be happier . He loves being part of this stimulating, vibrant and kind community. Heathside has helped him become a resilient, academically curious and committed young man, ready to take on the world. KW Mar 2022
Our daughters have really blossomed during their time at Heathside both academically and emotionally and we want to thank everyone at Heathside for their expertise and genuine care for our children. Thank you as well for doing such an amazing job during the pandemic. GP Mar 2022
Fantastic news on the Ofsted report! Congratulations for all your hard work and thank you very much as always for doing such a good job educating and looking after our children. AG Mar 2022
We have very much appreciated the warm and nurturing nature of Heathside particularly through the pandemic. Our son has made incredible progress as part of the Heathside community. IC Feb 2022
I can’t express strongly enough how wonderful our experience has been at Heathside. The caring environment has given our children the best possible couple of years and we as a family have always, without fail, felt that it is being cared for without compromise. GB Jan 2022
Thank you for being a fantastic team and for creating such a special ethos at Heathside. The quality of teaching has been really great and provided a wonderful, nurturing start to my son’s secondary school education. ML Nov 2021
Thanks for your on-line safety session last night, it was really interesting and thought provoking and I learnt some things which is always good news! Really appreciate you taking the time to do this. RC Oct 2021
My daughter is having the most incredible time at school. She is so excited when she comes home to tell us all about what’s she’s done that day! I could cry just typing this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Something that makes Heathside so special is the warm and welcoming community. My child has to come into a class where she knows nobody from another country and all of the children and other parents have been so inclusive and kind. Her teachers are nurturing and encouraging and make sure she never feels anxious or out of step with the rest of the class, even though she is coming from a totally different curriculum. It’s the perfect blend of rigorous academics, art and music and physical exercise. There is truly not another school like Heathside and we are so grateful to have found it.
JS Sep 2021
I just wanted to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for such a wonderful week away for the residential trip. My son had a sensational time, he came back beaming, I’m sure a few centimetres taller and overflowing with confidence. We heard so many details of the trip, all the stories told with such enthusiasm. Such a joy and what a great start to the year. JF Sep 2021
Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that my daughter has had a wonderful first few days at school. This morning she was so happy getting in the car she even did a little dance!
It was so nice to see, so really thank you for making this lovely for her.
BM Sept 2021
Thank you so much. We loved our time at Heathside and only hope to replicate it back in the States. Especially Mrs. Fouzia. What a rock star with children. JW Aug 2021
Thank you so much for all your help with facilitating a wonderful year in the midst of a pandemic and giving an opportunity to the twins to have the most unforgettable experience in a school setting for the first time in their lives. We couldn’t have imagined a more loving, caring individual for our twins to have a first experience with! She loves them as her own, we didn’t even know something like this existed and frankly she blew all the other nurseries out of water with a simple
BT July 2021
For the record, I feel the way you handled the groupings through the pandemic really worked for us as a family. My daughter is so happy at school. I see her thriving and developing beautifully under your care – for that we are eternally grateful. JM May 2021
I feel like the teachers at Heathside really see me Y7 Student Mar 2021
My son has had an amazing few weeks back at school. I’ve never seen him happier.

Thank you to you and all the amazing teachers!
KW Mar 2021
I wanted to thank you and all the other teachers for doing such a great job at teaching online! It’s not an easy thing to do but you’ve all adapted so well and the enthusiasm comes through. Not much longer to go now! ML Feb 2021
My son has really be enjoying online school and is super independent these days. AP Feb 2021
I wanted to let you know how amazing we think home schooling is. We couldn’t praise the school more. The enthusiasm all the teachers have in a very hard time is incredible. I do not think my son would be having such a positive experience if he were at any other school.

We feel very blessed that in these terrible times my son is at Heathside. I feel for the majority of the country who do not have such a wonderful school.
EB Jan 2021
I commend you on the excellent job you’re doing with remote learning, I’ve found it very impressive.
We are very grateful for your hard, innovative and creative work.
CP Jan 2021
We couldn’t be happier with the decision to send our son to Heathside.

The teachers and TA’s are amazing, their passion is so infectious.

So, really this is just to say a very big thank you and that we’re so pleased and really quite excited that our son gets to go to a school like Heathside. We can’t wait for another term!
DM Dec 2020
It is honestly wonderful to see my daughter and to know that every day is the ‘best day of her life’. She is very lucky to go to a school like Heathside, and mostly importantly to have a teacher like you. Thank you for all the amazing things you do to enrich her journey every day.
We were really struck by the atmosphere you’ve generated – the whole place seemed so friendly and fun and exciting and relaxed, full of creativity, and individuality…to achieve that whilst simultaneously offering a great academic foundation seems to be a rare and wonderful thing.
KC Dec 2020
I just wanted to say that my husband and I think our daughters’ teachers are really wonderful and kind and doing such a great job. We are so impressed with them all. LK Nov 2020
I am filled with gratitude that Heathside has the strong, sensible, compassionate leadership it does to help navigate this time we are living through. Every morning you are outside with a warm smile that reassures us all, especially the children. JM Oct 2020
Thank you very much indeed for such a detailed and thoughtful report on our daughter’s progress and for all the attention and care you offered her to help her grow and develop in Reception. What a fantastic year it has been. AG July 2020
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the fantastic job you have been doing during these difficult times. It has made a big difference to all of us with your positivity, creativity and the great variety of things you have prepared. MN May 2020
It’s been so good. A big cheer for the amazing organisation. MV Mar 2020
Kids are impressed. So are parents. Keep it up. You are all amazing and we are all grateful for everything you add doing. RB Mar 2020
I just wanted to extend thanks for the extraordinarily high quality of the teaching, content & material, in this virtual school setting. In addition to their great competence, all of the teachers’ positivity can be felt, which is infectious & keeping us sane at this truly insane time. KC Mar 2020
I just wanted to offer you all my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for getting online teaching up and running so impressively quickly. From what I hear of other schools, you’re doing much better than most. LW Mar 2020
I would like to thank you and the school for your incredible hard work. We are really impressed by the excellent level of commitment from staff at all levels, too. We fully agree with you: Heathside is working very hard under exceptional circumstances and we are really pleased by the great communication and proactive attitude. SD Mar 2020
We would really like to thank you for the work and dedication in this difficult time. We are very pleased with the service the school provides. EY Mar 2020
We have been over the moon with the love, care and nurturing from the staff and cannot rate the work of the teachers high enough. They are a credit to the school. SL Mar 2019


At Heathside, we are dedicated to supporting each student to develop into a confident independent learner.

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