Heathside Preparatory School

Termly fees


The fees for the 2023/2024 academic year are as follows:




Termly Fees


Number Full Days  Mornings Afternoons 
1 £1,252.65 £1,142.75 £886.08
2 £2,505.31 £2,285.49 £1,772.16
3 £3,757.96 £3,428.24 £2,658.24
4 £5,010.61 £4,570.98 £3,544.32
5 £6,263.27 £5,713.73 £4,430.40


School fees are paid by direct debit. Additional items such as  lunches, clubs, residential trips etc can be purchased directly using the school’s payment system, WisePay. You will receive WisePay account log in details a few weeks before your child joins. Please note there may be additional charges for children requiring additional support. This will be dependent on the level of support require. Please contact us for more details.

Clubs and Activities

Heathside has always focused on offering a well-rounded education.

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