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Below you will find our prospectus and answers to many Frequently Asked Questions that are related to admissions at Heathside. If you cannot find the answers to your questions below, please contact our admissions team.


How do I contact Admissions?

For general admissions enquiries or enquiries regarding fees or payments, please use our contact us.

Are there any open days?

We hold regular tours for small groups of parents and bigger open days throughout the year. To book a visit, please contact Admissions using the enquiry form here.

Do you accept vouchers?

Heathside does not currently accept Government Childcare Vouchers. However, we do accept certain private vouchers provided by some employers which subsidise childcare for their employees.

There are numerous private schemes available, and Heathside is signed up to many of these voucher schemes. Regrettably, we can only accept vouchers for the private schemes for which we are members. Full details of the schemes we are members of and the related account numbers are available to parents via the FAQs section of our Parent Portal.

When is the earliest I can register my child?

We recommend that you Register as soon as possible. Many parents do this soon after the birth of their children. Waiting lists can be long for some year groups.

Children can start at Heathside from their 2nd birthday.

I’ve received an offer of a place. How long do I have before I have to commit?

To accept an offer of a place, please pay the deposit within 2 weeks of receiving the offer letter.

Does my child need to be assessed?

We will ask for a previous school report and other relevant information. We may also contact the child’s current school (if applicable) for further information.

Why do you need to contact my child’s previous school?

This is due to government legislation and guidelines. All schools are routinely in contact with each other to confirm joining and leaving dates to ensure that children do not have gaps in their education.

All schools also regularly are in contact to provide confidential references on students.

My child has special needs – can Heathside cater for this?

I have accepted an offer of a place – how do I order lunches and uniform etc?

This account enables you to book school lunches, clubs and trips.

School uniform is purchased from our supplier Uniform4kids.

How do I pay school fees?

Fees are normally invoiced termly, in advance. Details of how to pay school fees are included in the offer letter and detailed on your fees invoices.

Can my child be admitted to Heathside mid-year?

Yes. Occasional places do come up mid-year dependent on waiting lists. Many Heathside parents have international careers and do sometimes need to relocate in year.

How much notice does the school need if our family has to relocate?

Written notice must be given one full term in advance for withdrawal from school to avoid a full term’s fees in lieu charge being incurred. If you wish to give notice, please contact our Bursar.

Does Heathside publish a prospectus?

Yes we publish a prospectus. Please contact us to request a copy.

Can I defer my child’s start date?

Once you have registered your child, you may wish to defer your child’s start date to another term or year. We will shift your child to the appropriate waiting list for the desired year group as necessary.

How do I apply to other Dukes Education schools?

Our pupils will move onto the school that best suits their attainment and aptitude whether at 11+ or 13+. We prepare them for the school that is right for them, and our experienced teachers will help support your child at every step of the way.

It may be that another Dukes school is suitable for your child. If so, we are happy to advise and recommend them, and one of the benefits of being part of the Dukes Education family is that we can offer priority entrance to your child.

Priority access means that a pupil at one of Dukes school enjoys preferential entry to another, but it is not a guarantee of acceptance. Each school has its own admissions criteria, and an assessment process for entry, and every pupil needs to meet the minimum criteria. A child that meets the eligibility criteria to join another Dukes school moves straight to the front of the queue. This can take a good deal of uncertainty and stress out of the 11+ and 13+ process.

If pupils prefer to continue on to a Dukes senior school, we may be able to confirm acceptance during Year 5, subject to meeting the entrance criteria.


Our Ethos

Heathside is a friendly, inclusive and academic school.

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