Heathside Preparatory School

Academic Life

& Feedback

We closely follow the academic and development progress of all our pupils, and we offer plenty of opportunities for teachers to provide feedback to parents.

The parents of Early Years children (Reception and below) receive a written report every academic year. Key Stage 1 pupils (Years 1 & 2) receive a written report twice a year. All older children (Key Stage 2 and above) receive a written report every term. Reports cover all subjects a child is learning and are completed by their class and subject teachers.

In addition, we hold regular Parents’ Evenings. These provide an opportunity for parents to meet with class and subject teachers. If any issues arise that require more in-depth discussion, further meetings can be booked with the class teacher or the respective Deputy Head throughout the year.


At Heathside, we are dedicated to supporting each student to develop into a confident independent learner.

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