Heathside Preparatory School


Heathside School has been awarded Mindfulness in Schools Status

We are delighted to announce that Heathside School has been awarded Mindfulness in Schools Status by the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Starting with the youngest children in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, mindfulness is being introduced using the Dots curriculum.

Dots is a classroom-based curriculum for children aged 3-6 years and is offered as a series of sessions which often sit well alongside other subjects and in the children’s everyday lives. During the course the children learning many things, including: ability to focus, make good choices, recognise when we need to steady ourselves when our body or mind is busy or out of balance, ways that mindfulness can support them in many day-to-day activities, including concentration and memory, behavioural self-management and in relationships with family, carers and friends, and ways to respond rather than react – and therefore make better choices and take best care of themselves and others.

The introduction of Dots has been led by Assistant Head, Matthew Nichols, and will be introduced to the older year groups, in Key Stages 2 and 3, using Dots age appropriate material.

Headteacher, Katherine Vintiner explains that mindfulness has a key role to play in schools, “As Professor Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor, Southampton and Exeter Universities, observed in her award-winning research summary: (https://mindfulnessinschools.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/MiSP-Research-Summary-2012.pdf), schools who engage in mindfulness are likely to see ‘beneficial results on the emotional wellbeing, mental health, ability to learn and even the physical health of their students.”  For Heathside, mindfulness is another important tool we can use to help children and young people navigate the world and make good choices”